Safety around the home
Community safety

The police offer the following advice to help you make your home safer.


Some simple inexpensive security measures for doors, whether you are on holidays or not, include fitting:

  • A spy hole/door viewer so that you can identify callers before opening the door
  • A security chain on the door to speak to strangers prior to opening the door
  • A security screen door
  • Good Locks. Door and window security is important so install the best and most appropriate locks for your home as more than 50% of burglaries occur because windows are not secure.


More than 50% of burglaries occur because windows are not secure. The most common lock is a keyed lock. The majority of homes still don’t have them. Locks can be keyed alike to you only have to carry one key for all the windows in your home.

Protecting your valuables

Property inventory

You should have a detailed inventory of all your valuable property, especially those things which are likely to be stolen. Using the principles of property marking, you should mark and record the details such as the serial number, make, model, colour size and original cost of the item. You need to engrave the initials NSW (for New South Wales driver licence) and your driver license number. Once completed put the inventory somewhere safe, perhaps with your insurance policies and add new items as necessary.

Remember to list the property outside the home as well as inside.

Engraving your property

As a proactive approach Kempsey Shire Council has engraving kits available for hire to residents of the Shire that can be arrange through Customer First Centre.

Hire times are:

  • Pick up each Friday afternoon and pay a $10 deposit
  • The hire fee of $10 is payable at time of lodgement. A driver licence for contact details is also required at time of lodgement
  • An additional fee of $10 per day is payable if the engraving kit is returned after 10:00 am.

After hours returns are available through the Kempsey Library book return shute located on Elbow Street entrance.

Council recommend that residents engrave their licence number onto the personal items as this number is easily recognisable.

Instructions of use are issued with the engraving kits.

Get to know you neighbours

Your neighbours are the best natural surveillance available to a family going away on holidays. They know who comes down your street and if you get on with your neighbours like the times from our childhood letting them know you will be away and just keeping an eye out for anything suspicious may just help protect your valuables.

If you are a neighbour who has a family next door that has gone on holidays, keep an eye out and report anything suspicious to Police immediately as it may just catch an offender in the act.

Valuables in your car

Whether it’s a car full of Christmas Presents or having the car packed up for those journeys away ensure that the valuables that you have are placed out of sight. Don’t leave doors unlocked or car windows down to let the heat out because this may just give the opportunity for a thief to take your camera, purse or other valuable on that permanent trip.

So what ever you are doing, whether you’re at a party, at home or on holidays remember thieves don’t have holidays and keep your property and values safe this festive season so you remember it for good reasons not bad.