Safety out and about
Community Safety

When we are travelling out and about you need to think personal safety so that you don’t become a victim by being robbed or having your bag snatched. So this doesn’t happen to you please note the following helpful tips.

How to prevent robbery, bag snatching and stealing


  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings in public places like railway stations, parks and shopping centres.
  • Walk away if approached by someone asking for money, your mobile phone or a cigarette as this is a common contact used by potential offenders.
  • Always keep your bag closed and your valuables hidden.
  • Walk in well-lit areas and avoid walking alone. If you feel that you are being followed walk towards crowed areas. If you feel unsafe, call Police on 000 (or 112 from your mobile).
  • Always let someone know where you are going.


  • Don’t flaunt what you have (e.g. mobile phone, money and other valuables.)
  • Don’t carry weapons as they are illegal and may be used to hurt you.
  • Don’t carry a copy of your PIN number around with you.
  • Don’t leave valuables lying around.
  • Don’t fight back. Your life is worth much more than your valuables.

Just as with robbery and stealing above, having your bag snatched is a crime but thieves use the element of surprise. The risk can be reduced by observing the following:

  • Carry your bag close to your body preferably in front to you. Don’t dangle it by your side or let is swing from your shoulder.
  • Don’t wrap the bag’s straps around your wrist.
  • Always keep the bag zipped up.
  • Keep cash and valuables you carry to a minimum.
  • Be alert. At automatic teller machines be aware of people around you. Put your money away as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t put your bag on top of your car when you’re loading things. Or on counters or in shopping trolleys.
  • Do not mark house or car keys with an address.
  • When walking, stay away from the curb. Many bag snatchers will lean out of their vehicle to grab at bag straps.

If you are robbed, bag snatched or your property is stolen

  • Try to remain calm.
  • Get an accurate description of the person. Try to remember details of the person’s appearance to aid police investigation, e.g. clothing, height, hair and eye colour and anything else that stands out. Try to remember as much as you can.
  • Cancel all the stolen items such as credit cards and mobile phone connections to prevent further losses. Notify the bank immediately when cards are stolen.
  • Report crime to police as soon as you can.
  • Don’t be scared to report a crime – remember police are here to help you.