Syringes/sharps disposal bins
Community safety

Community Sharps Bin

What do I do with my sharps waste?

Community sharps bins are provided free for residents and visitors to safely dispose of needles, syringes, finger prickers (lancets) and other health-related sharp items from home.

Many people rely on using needles and syringes to maintain their health or that of a family member. There are over 1900 people with diabetes in the Kempsey Shire Council area, for example, who generate more than 70,000 sharps each year.

There are many other sources of community-generated sharps including people on home dialysis or home chemotherapy, people who inject steroids, people who inject prescription or other drugs, people who inject their animals and people who use injectable beauty products.

NSW Health and Kempsey Shire Council do not condemn or condone illegal drug use: we aim to reduce associated harm to the individual and the community by ensuring any sharps are disposed of in the correct manner.

Never drop sharps on the ground and never put sharps in household waste (red) or recycling (yellow) bins, or public rubbish bins. Teach your children never to pick up community sharps but to call an adult. At home store your used sharps in a plastic puncture-proof container with a lid, or a yellow sharps container, and then take these to one of your local community sharps bins.

All public hospitals and community health centres across NSW are obliged to have community sharps bins. Community sharps bins are not for use by businesses. All businesses that generate sharps waste are legally required to arrange a contractor to collect and dispose of that waste.

Kempsey Shire has 240L community needles and sharps bins at these locations:

Crescent Head

  • Rankine Street Carpark (corner of Scott and May streets, opposite the Country Club)
  • Council Waste Management Centre (Crescent Head Road)

Hat Head

  • Surf Club (corner of Bay and Myrtle streets)


  • Kempsey District Hospital (River Street, at the end of the old hospital building)
  • Elbow Street (near the public toilet block)
  • Stuart Street Carpark (the grassed area near the access ramp into the East West Plaza)
  • Kempsey Community Health Centre (on the corner of Polwood and Tozer streets)

South West Rocks

  • Council carpark (on corner of Paragon Avenue and Gregory Street, near the public toilet)
  • South West Rocks Community Health Centre (9 Eagleton Drive)

Stuarts Point

  • Stuarts Point Community Hall/Library (Marine Parade).

Various public toilets within Kempsey Shire contain one litre metal containers for your personal sharps waste.

If you find a syringe in a public place, call Kempsey Shire Council on 6566 3200 or the Needle Clean Up Hotline 1800 633 353

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