Macleay Valley Sports Strategy

June 2017

Executive summary

Cover of Macleay Valley Sports Strategy

The Macleay Valley Sports Strategy is a holistic plan which attempts to take an ‘all of sport’ approach in the Kempsey Shire Local Government Area (LGA). It has been developed in consultation with local sporting bodies and other stakeholders in local sport. Whilst it is focused on the facilities and services offered by Kempsey Shire Council (KSC), it seeks to consider all needs and issues in the Macleay Valley that affect local sport. It aims to:

  • Outline Council’s role in the local sport sector
  • Define Council’s working relationship with other sporting organisations
  • Establish common communication with sporting organisations
  • Identify key issues relating to sport
  • Establish processes (strategies) for dealing with sport related issues now and into the future

For practical purposes, the Strategy is separated into three main parts. These parts and a brief description of each are outlined below.

  • Part A - Research and Analysis
    • Identifies and analyses all key information that will direct the formation of the strategy
  • Part B - Strategic Framework
    • This is effectively ‘the strategy’ council will use in response to sport related issues and demands, this includes
      • Outlining the approach and structure employed by Council to deal with sport related issues
      • Identifying the system and methods which Council will use to determine priorities for sport related service provision
    • This part will remain relatively constant over a 5 to 10 year period
  • Part C - Assessment and Action Plan
    • This is a flexible ‘working part of the document’ for Council to utilise in considering funding and resource allocations for the provision of sport related services
    • It is effectively the result of using the strategic framework set out in Part B to assess inputs (research etc.) identified in Part A
    • It produces a series of programs with specific actions for the next 1 – 4 years
    • It is intended to be reviewed and updated at least once per year, during Council’s development of their Operational Plan to reflect relevant progress/changes