Companion Animals Management Plan

Procedure 1.7.1
Adopted 20 October 2015


Executive Summary

Kempsey Shire Council implemented a Local Companion Animals Management Plan in May 1999 to deal with the responsible management of companion animals.

The Local Government Act 1993 requires Council’s to develop Management Plans in consultation with community representatives. The Local Government reform program and subsequent audit of Councils procedures recommended a review of the current Local Companion Animal Plan with the objective to tailor the plan specifically to our local context.

The review has identified a number of areas which require updating and community input to address key issues unique to our shire. It is envisaged that future strategies would form part of Council overall Management Plan and be incorporated in to the plans of the parks reserves and beaches within our Shire.

The plan defines the key issues relevant to our Shire action plans. The Plan has been formulated to achieve the desired outcomes which principally revolve around Community Education and the promotion of Responsible PET Ownership.

The revised plan is divided into two (2) parts. Part 1 is the Strategic Framework and is divided into (5) five sections i.e.

Part 1

  1. Introduction - which defines and outlines the structure of the Plan.
  2. Companion Animals Management - Discusses the main issues arising from the Companion Animals Act 1998.
  3. The Local Context - analyses the issues that are pertinent to the Kempsey Shire Council area.
  4. Objectives and Aims
  5. Community Consultation

Part 2

The Key issues are contained in Part 2 and action plans accompany each of these issues.

  1. Off Leash Free Areas and Signage
  2. Feral Cat Wild Dog Management
  3. Dog Faeces Management
  4. Barking Dog issues
  5. Funding and Grants
  6. Domestics Animal Management other than Dogs and Cats
  7. Problem Pet owners
  8. Pound Procedures
  9. Cat/Dog Registration/Micro-chipping
  10. Dangerous Dogs and Restricted Breeds

The action plan establish priorities as well as defined outcomes to ensure the ongoing management of the Companion Animals in our Local Government area with continued community involvement, for the life of the Plan.

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