Cultural Plan

Procedure 2.5.1 Version 2
Adopted 15 March 2011



This document provides a plan to progress arts and culturally related development in the Kempsey Shire. The development of this plan has been a collaboration between Kempsey Shire Council, Arts Mid North Coast, the Kempsey Shire Cultural Planning Committee and the communities of the Kempsey Local Government Area.

The plan provides a detailed approach to the development of arts and culture in the area but is by no means exclusive of areas of development that may not be listed in the plan.

The plan draws on a range of information that has been collected via a number of means, detailed in the methodology section of this document. It is important to remember that the plan defines the immediate needs of the shire and should be seen as a dynamic document that is reviewed and changed on a regular basis to reflect the change in needs and priorities from year to year.

It is also important to remember that this is only a ‘plan’. For the plan to have any meaning, there needs to be a commitment from the Council, local arts and culturally related organisations, other stakeholders and the general community to implementing the plan. It will also be necessary to lobby for the required local, regional state and federal resources to undertake the implementation phase.

As a regional community cultural development organisation, Arts Mid North Coast will remain committed over the long-term to assisting the Council and communities of the Kempsey Shire to undertake this important area of development.

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