Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan

Procedure 2.7.2 Version 2011-2014



The Plan recognises the importance of feeling safe and minimising the impact of crime on the community. The Plan acknowledges that State Government has a primary role in law enforcement, policing, community safety and crime prevention; whilst Council has a complimentary role in keeping people safe.

The Plan aims to recognise this and build on Council efforts to promote safety in the community and effectively meet their needs. The Plan outlines actions identified as part of Council’s complimentary role over the next four (4) years.

This plan:

  • Outlines the key crimes within the Macleay Valley
  • Outlines desired outcomes and actions for Council to work towards a safe community
  • Improves coordination between Council, Police and other key stakeholders
  • Informs the community on how crime prevention and community safety is being addressed

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