Asset Management Plan - Water Supply 2013

Procedure 3.4.4 Version 1
Adopted 18 February 2014


Goals and objectives of asset management

Kempsey Shire Council provides many services to its community. Some of these services are provided by infrastructure assets. Council’s goal in managing infrastructure assets is to meet the required level of service in the most cost effective manner for present and future consumers.

The key elements of infrastructure asset management are:

  • Taking a life cycle approach,
  • Developing cost-effective management strategies for the long term,
  • Providing a defined level of service and monitoring performance,
  • Understanding and meeting the demands of growth through demand management and infrastructure investment,
  • Managing risks associated with asset failures,
  • Sustainable use of physical resources,
  • Continuous improvement in asset management practices.

This asset management plan is prepared congruent with Council’s overarching plans; the Community Strategic Plan, the Delivery Programme and the Operating Plan.

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