Macleay Valley Coast Destination Management Plan


Cover of Macleay Valley Coast Destination Management Plan 2019-2029

A Ten-Year Plan

The Macleay Valley Coast Destination Management Plan, 2019-2029 has been prepared to complement Kempsey Shire Council’s economic development efforts as articulated in Horizon 2030. By addressing the challenges and capitalising on the opportunities to grow the Macleay Valley Coast visitor economy, the Destination Management Plan provides the framework for action, to guide Kempsey Shire Council and its partner organisations in delivering actions to help fulfil the vision for the region’s visitor economy.

A vibrant visitor economy can leverage other sectors of the local economy to establish and grow new and emerging markets for the products and services on offer. Equally, tourism needs to be managed to ensure that it leaves a positive legacy for current and future generations. Through the design and implementation of this Destination Management Plan, Council is committed to supporting a viable and vibrant tourism sector, to open up new opportunities for investment, income and job creation, as well as positive cultural, lifestyle and environmental outcomes by leveraging, protecting and enhancing the cultural and natural heritage assets of the Macleay Valley Coast.

The strategic approach to growing the Macleay Valley Coast visitor economy emphasises the planning and implementation of four key ‘game-changer’ projects that may take some years to fully realise, as well as selected high-priority supportive projects that can be developed in the first two years of the plan.