Kempsey Shire - Our 20 Year Vision
Community Strategic Plan

Adopted 17 April 2007

Cover of Kempsey Shire - Our 20 Year Vision


Kempsey Shire - Our 20 Year Vision

The Community Strategic Plan is to have a duration of 20 years to be reviewed every four (4) years to coincide with local government elections.


The value of our natural environment and lifestyle is preserved and enhanced by the community and Council.

Achieving our vision

Council provides high quality services and facilities through strong leadership, which considers the needs of our community, the environment and future generations.

Themes and goals

The Community Strategic Plan incorporates five goals which reflect the following themes:

  • Our Ecological and Economic Sustainability;
  • Our Social, Cultural and Community Relations;
  • Our Infrastructure;
  • Our Relationships; and
  • Our Effectiveness, Efficiency and Accountability.

Goal 1: To facilitate ecological and economic sustainable development in the Shire.

Goal 2: To foster and enhance effective social, cultural and community relations, building respect and civic pride.

Goal 3: To plan and fund the Shire’s infrastructure and service needs.

Goal 4: To pursue beneficial relationships with regional neighbours and other levels of Government.

Goal 5: To ensure leadership and effective, efficient accountable management.