Development Application Online Tracking and Public Register

Kempsey Shire Council has implemented a Development Application Online Tracking system to allow easier access and tracking of lodged development applications and to assist customers in gathering information through electronic media.

Development Application tracking

Once a Development Application is lodged with Council, registered applicants can monitor the progress of their application through to the determination of their application. You can register when you lodge your application or by completing a separate Development Application Online Tracking Registration Form and submitting it to Council's Customer Services.

Information available on the register includes:

  • Current status of your application,
  • Current stage of the assessment process your application has reached,
  • Estimated assessment timeframes,
  • Assessment Officer, and
  • Copy of Development Application Determination.

Please note: When making registration for Development Application Online Tracking ensure that the owner/s signature/s field is complete.  When the registration form has been processed your Development Application Online Tracking "Access ID" and "Password" will be forwarded to your email address.  These two fields will be needed to allow you to login and track your application.

Development Application Public Register

You can also search for any Development Applications lodged since 1980 in Council’s Public Register. Searches can be conducted by date lodged, location, or application number.

Other information available on the Public Register includes:

  • Current status of Lodged Applications, and
  • Copies of Development Application Determinations.

For further information regarding the DA Online Tracking and any of your planning enquiries please contact Council’s Customer Services on (02) 6566 3200.

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