Engineering Guidelines for Subdivision and Development
Development Control Plan 36

These Development Control Plans have been superseded by the Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013 (KDCP), which commenced 3 February 2013. Consequently, these DCPs are no longer in use and are retained here for information purposes only.

Aims and objectives

The aim of this development control plan (DCP) is to replace the existing Engineering Guidelines for Subdivision and Development with a Council Code and regional version of Aus-Spec #1 Design and Construction Development Specification series prepared in consultation with the IPWEA Mid North Council's user group and Council's Engineering Department.

The secondary aim is to provide developers, their agents, consulting Surveyors/Engineers and Civil Contractors with Council's minimum requirements for the design and construction of all civil works to be undertaken in the Kempsey Shire local government area.

In order to achieve these aims the following principle objectives are to form part of this Plan:

  • To provide a degree of certainty to developers, their agents, consultant Surveyors/Engineers and Civil Contractors as to Council's minimum requirements for design and construction of civil works.
  • To encourage more innovative subdivision design, efficient site usage, and minimize the cost of urban infrastructure and servicing in a manner that maintains equal access to public infrastructure, given the physical limitations of any one site and the provisions of Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 1987 and associated Development Control Plans.
  • Minimize Council's costs associated with maintenance of future public infrastructure.
  • To employ ameliorating measures sufficient to reduce the impact of development on the existing natural and man made environments.
  • To limit development in the Kempsey Shire that complies with the provisions of councils' Flood Plain Management Strategy Policy.


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Aus-Spec #1 Development Specification Series - Design

Aus-Spec #1 Development Specification Series - Construction

Aus-Spec #1 Development Specification Series - Standard Drawings