Kempsey and South West Rocks Industrial Land Review
June 2004


To enable a strategic and needs-orientated approach to future industrial land requirements, Kempsey Shire Council (the Council) commissioned Environmental Resources Management Pty Ltd (ERM) to undertake a review of industrial land supply and demand at Kempsey and South West Rocks.

The township of Kempsey is a regional service centre with an established industrial base. The Council considers that there are opportunities to expand the industrial role of Kempsey within the region. Catering for industrial land demand through adequate supply is a major factor in this. The study area at Kempsey is indicated in Figure 1 and 2, Annex A.

South West Rocks is a coastal town located 30 kilometres northeast of Kempsey, and is experiencing relatively strong residential growth. Existing industrial land is occupied predominantly by service industries for the development associated with the growing population. A Commission of Inquiry (1986) concluded that major industrial development in the Shire should be concentrated in Kempsey rather than being allowed to expand into South West Rocks. The study area at South West Rocks is indicated in Figure 3, Annex A.

This study assesses supply and demand of industrial land in the two localities, having regard to the different role of industry in each community. A constraints and opportunities analysis has been undertaken with an aim of forming a strategy with options for future industrial areas.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the scope of services described in the contract or agreement between Environmental Resources Management Australia Pty Ltd and Kempsey Shire Council. The report relies upon data, surveys, measurements and results taken at or under the particular times and conditions specified therein. Any findings, conclusions or recommendations only apply to the aforementioned circumstances and no greater reliance should be assumed or drawn by Kempsey Shire Council. Furthermore, the report has been prepared solely for use by Kempsey Shire Council and ERM accepts no responsibility for its use by other parties.