Horseshoe Bay Reserve - South West Rocks
Plan of Management

Adopted 20 November 2014

About the plan

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Council originally undertook the preparation of a Plan of Management for the Horseshoe Bay Reserve in 2005 following extensive consultation with the Community and State Government. This document maintains the core principles of the original Plan of Management whilst adapting a framework for the current Master Plan for the Horseshoe Bay Reserve, including the holiday park.

The Master Plan primarily focuses on the Horseshoe Bay Reserve (including the Holiday Park), which is one of the three Precincts covered by this Plan of Managements study area. The other two Precincts include the South West Rocks Creek Foreshore Precinct (otherwise known to locals as Back Creek) and the Saltwater Creek Precinct.

In total, the three precincts account for approximately 65 hectares of land area and incorporate part of the Crown Land Reserve Number 82364. This Crown Land is administered by the NSW Trade and Investment Crown Lands and Kempsey Shire Council is the Reserve Trustee.

All of the three precincts are important to the town of South West Rocks. They play a pivotal role in maintaining the cultural, social, and natural scenic qualities of the area as well as contributing significantly to its tourism potential.