Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP)

This link takes you to JRPP web portal containing the submission materials and assessment of the 2016 Development Application for an expanded pilot training facility. A decision on the DA was deferred by the JRPP in 2017 and the application was withdrawn in May 2018.

Memorandum of Understanding

With the agreement of Australian International Aviation College (AIAC), Council has released a redacted version of the MOU to the public which excludes commercial information and the signatures. In accordance with Council’s general procedures, signatures have been redacted to prevent the potential for online identity fraud.

This MOU effectively relates to Stage 1 of the pilot training facility development and does not relate to 2016 application for an expanded facility.

Kempsey Airport Redevelopment

These documents highlight the strategic planning for operations and expansion of the Kempsey Airport over many years:

Community Workshops

Council conducted a series of community workshops in 2017 to understand community sentiment with regard to proposed expansion by AIAC and future management of Kempsey Airport.