Frequently asked questions
Back Creek footbridge closure

Updated 26 February 2019

Why has the footbridge been closed?
In early January 2019, Council became aware that a timber component supporting the treated effluent pipeline on the footbridge had detached.

Following an initial inspection by specialist engineers, a decision was made to close the footbridge immediately for urgent temporary repairs to ensure the structural integrity of the pipeline. Further investigations were then carried out to determine the extent of the repairs needed to reopen the footbridge.
What has Council decided to do?
A report went to the February meeting of Council outlining four options and costs for a range of repairs or replacing the bridge.

Council resolved to build a new footbridge rather than undertake interim maintenance works which would be significant.
How long will it be closed?
The footbridge will remain closed to the public for safety reasons and to protect the treated effluent pipeline attached to the structure while the replacement pedestrian bridge is built. It is anticipated this will be early December 2019.
What will it cost?
Construction of a new footbridge is estimated to cost $1.347 million. Council has previously allocated $490,000 for design work of the project and will redirect the remaining funds from the 2019-20 Operating Plan
How long will it take?
Preliminary designs for the new footbridge, based on maintaining the form of the existing structure to preserve its heritage significance, have been prepared.

A range of environmental investigative approvals that are necessary for bridge construction within the sensitive estuarine environment has commenced.

Construction of the footbridge is likely to commence mid-year and be complete by early December 2019.
What will the replacement footbridge look like?
The new footbridge will be located slightly downstream of the existing structure.

It will be predominantly built of composite materials and look similar to the existing footbridge but require less maintenance and have a longer life span.
How old is the footbridge?
The existing footbridge was built in the early 1980s and replaced the original historic timber footbridge across Back Creek.
Does Council inspect the footbridge?
Yes, the footbridge is inspected as part of Council’s routine schedule.

A review is being undertaken of the inspection regime of Council bridge assets to ensure they are maintained in suitable condition and risks minimised.
What about the people continuing to jump from the footbridge?
Council has asked the public to continue to heed the safety warnings and barricades restricting access to the footbridge.
Will the footbridge closure delay the construction of amenity facilities at Back Creek?
No, this is not expected to impact the $300,000 in grant funding received through Stronger Country Communities to build an amenities block and picnic facilities at Back Creek.
Is boating access affected?
No, not at this stage.