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Kempsey Cinema

The material and documents on this page mainly relate to the previous Public Private Partnership model and should be viewed in a historical context.

A random telephone survey of Kempsey Shire residents to measure cinema visitation patterns and support for a commercially-operated cinema in Kempsey

Executive summary

In November 2014, Kempsey Shire Council commissioned Jetty Research to conduct a random and representative telephone survey of residents to establish support for Council’s efforts to attract a commercially-run cinema to Kempsey.

The survey comprised a ± 6 minute interview with 406 randomly selected adult residents living within the 2440 and 2431 postcodes.

Results should be representative of all adult residents living within the 2440 and 2431 postcodes to within ± 4.8 per cent, in 19 of 20 such surveys conducted.

Specific survey objectives comprised:

  1. Understanding existing cinema attendance (frequency, location etc.);
  2. Measuring support for a cinema complex in Kempsey;
  3. Measuring likely visitation patterns among different groups;
  4. Measuring willingness to fund construction cost.

Among the survey’s conclusions:

  1. 35 per cent of respondents said they had been to the cinema in the past six months, and 50 per cent claimed to visit a cinema regularly (monthly or more) or occasionally (a few times a year). Of cinema-goers, 61 per cent typically used the Port Macquarie facility, 31 per cent the South West Rocks cinema, and 29 per cent the Nambucca theatre.
  2. When seeing movies, 68 per cent of cinema-goers also had a meal. One-third shopped for clothes etc, and 15 per cent also did their grocery shopping.
  3. Of those not currently attending the cinema regularly, the main reason for non-visitation was the inconvenience caused by not having a cinema in Kempsey (with 67 per cent agreeing this was a factor). Conversely, only 23 per cent said it was because they couldn’t afford to go more often, and just 12 per cent (or 10 per cent of the overall sample) said they didn’t like going to the movies.
  4. 50 per cent of those surveyed felt it was “very important” for Kempsey to have a commercially-operated cinema, with a further 31 per cent seeing it as “quite important”. Conversely, just 17 per cent felt it was not important.
  5. In a similar vein, 68 per cent strongly supported Council’s efforts to attract a commercially-operated cinema to Kempsey. Total support for Council’s efforts was 84 per cent.
  6. 17 per cent of respondents said that if such a cinema existed, they would be likely to visit every week or two. A further 36 per cent believed they would use the cinema once a month on average.
  7. 52 per cent said they would be prepared to make a personal donation to support Council’s efforts to fund a local cinema. Among existing cinema-goers, this figure was 61 per cent.


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