Kempsey Cinema Project – Increasing Public Awareness

Council resolved at an extraordinary meeting on 27 June 2017 that further public awareness regarding the project should be encouraged and that the following related documents should be placed on public exhibition for a period of two weeks:

  • Updated Public Interest Evaluation Report: including cost benefit analysis undertaken by analyst company ID solutions.
  • Updated Long Term Financial Plan: updated to make explicitly clear the impact of the Cinema project on the financial scenarios over coming years.
  • Updated Risk Management Plan: acknowledging the Caldwell Report.

Council is also providing the community with a copy of:

  • Council’s letter of response to the Office of Local Government’s letter of 15 June,
  • Probity Officer’s Report (updated)

These documents form a suite of documents that were presented to Council on 27 June, with the intention of being circulated to the Project Review Committee (PRC) for the Office of Local Government.

Due to the commercial timing associated with this project and the imperative to seek further determination from the OLG, documents were on public exhibition until July 18, when they were reported to Council.