Macleay Rural Voluntary House Raising Scheme
Lower Macleay Floodplain

The Macleay Rural Voluntary House Raising Scheme is a program of Kempsey Shire Council which aims to reduce the risk to people and property in the rural areas as defined within the current Lower Macleay Floodplain Risk Management Plan.

Council successfully applied for Grant funding through the NSW Government for eligible dwellings to be offered funding to contribute to two-thirds of the cost of lifting their house per property up to a maximum of $40,000 (i.e. total cost $60,000).

A flood damages assessment completed in 2008 identified a priority ranking of houses depending on the likely frequency/depth of inundation and the velocity of flows. The list was used to prioritise limited funding fairly with sixteen properties identified as a Category 1 being invited to submit Expressions of Interest. In the first round funding is only available for six applications.

Funding for future rounds will be subject to a separate application for grant funding which cannot be guaranteed at this stage.

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