Report of the results of the Community Forum 20 July 2011
Re response to the flood of June 2011 in the Lower Macleay

Report overview

The two-hour community forum was held at the Smithtown Hall on the evening of Wednesday 20 July 2011. People were asked to advise their intention to attend (RSVP) in advance. Only about 9 people registered however approximately 36 people attended including 3 Kempsey Shire Council (KSC) employees, one member of Council and 7 SES staff. The forum was facilitated by Wendy Stow of Altogether Consulting.;

Objectives of the forum

This is what the Forum was designed to achieve:

  • To discuss the SES and community response to the recent flood
  • For the SES to hear feedback from the community
  • For the community to learn about the role of the local SES in a flood event
  • Together to identify and address any issues or concerns
  • To plan a way forward to improve preparedness and response for future events

Please note: Any comments on this report should be made to the NSW State Emergency Service