Threatened Species

Coastal saltmarsh

In NSW threatened species, populations and ecological communities are protected by the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act (with the exception of fish and marine plants). The Act provides for the identification, conservation and recovery of threatened species and their populations and communities. It also aims to reduce the threats faced by those species.

A search on the NPWS Atlas (2005) indicated there were 14 threatened flora species (7 Vulnerable and 7 Endangered) representing approximately 1.3% of the species listed in the Shire. The NPWS Atlas (2005) also indicated there were 86 (72 Vulnerable and 14 Endangered species) threatened fauna species (including marine) recorded in the shire, excluding fish and invertebrates. Threatened fauna make up 18.5% of all fauna species recorded in the Shire.

Endangered ecological communities known or potentially occurring in the Kempsey Shire include:

  • Coastal Saltmarsh
  • Littoral Rainforest
  • Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest
  • Lowland Rainforest on Floodplain
  • Swamp Sclerophyll Forest on Coastal Floodplains
  • Freshwater Wetlands on Coastal Floodplains
  • River-flat Eucalypt Forest on Coastal Floodplains
  • Hunter Lowland Redgum Forest
  • Subtropical Coastal Floodplain Forest
  • Themeda Grassland on Seacliffs and Coastal Headlands

For more information on threatened species please visit NSW Environment & Heritage threatened species website: