Kempsey CBD Floodplain Risk Management Plan


Cover of Kempsey CBD Flooplain Risk Management Plan

The NSW State Government’s Flood Policy provides a framework to ensure the sustainable use of floodplain environments. The Policy is implemented through the NSW Government’s Floodplain Development Manual, 2005, which provides guidance to local Councils on the execution of the Policy. It is specifically structured to provide solutions to existing flooding problems in rural and urban areas. In addition, the Policy provides a means of ensuring that any new development is compatible with the flood hazard and does not create additional flooding problems in other areas.

Under the Policy, the management of flood liable land remains the responsibility of local government. State government assists local council by providing financial support by means of grants though the Floodplain Management Program. To be eligible for funding Councils have to demonstrate that they can follow the floodplain risk management process as outlined in the Floodplain Development Manual. State Government also provides specialist technical and policy related advice, administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), to assist Councils in the discharge of their floodplain management responsibilities.

The Policy provides for technical and financial support by the Government through sequential stages:

  1. Collection of Data
    • Compiling existing historical and new information.
  2. Flood Study
    • Determine the nature and extent of the flood problem.
  3. Floodplain Risk Management Study (FRMS)
    • Evaluates management options for the floodplain in respect of both existing and proposed development having regard for social, ecological, economic factors which relate to flood risk.
  4. Floodplain Risk Management Plan (FRMP)
    • Includes public exhibition of the Plan - a chance for the community who live and work on the floodplain to provide comments, following which a revision of the draft plan may be required.
    • Formal adoption by Council of a Plan of management for the floodplain.
  5. Implementation of the Plan
    • Construction of flood mitigation works to protect existing development, use of Local Environmental Plans to ensure new development is compatible with the flood hazard.
  6. Review of the Implemented Plan
    • To account for changes in the issues originally addressed and consider any emergent issues since the plan was first implemented. This is an ongoing process which should be undertaken on a regular basis such as every 5 years and when significant changes occur which could affect the plan as well as when further information becomes available such as after significant flood events.

The Kempsey CBD Floodplain Risk Management Plan constitutes the fourth stage of the management process. This study has been prepared by WMAwater for Kempsey Shire Council (KSC) and provides the basis for the future management of flood prone lands in the Kempsey area.