Stuarts Point Caravan Park Foreshore
Macleay River Arm Rehabilitation

The subject site is located on the NSW Mid North Coast 500km north of Sydney on the western bank of the Macleay River adjacent to the Stuarts Point Caravan Park. Kempsey Shire Council manages the site on behalf of the owners, the NSW Department of Lands.

Riverbank erosion along the foreshore was occurring from both natural processes and human-induced factors. The erosion was a potential threat to public assets, increasing sedimentation and impacting on native vegetation.

A number of factors contribute to river bank erosion. They include (but are not limited to) altered flow patterns due to natural and human activities, tidal currents, flood events, wind and boat wave action and saturated bank soils.

The Macleay River Arm Rehabilitation Management Plan – Stuarts Point Caravan Park was developed for the purpose of addressing and managing erosion issues within the foreshore area. The objective of the Rehabilitation Plan is to provide a program of works and measures that identified the underlying causes of bank erosion, instability and implement strategies to address and remediate.

The Rehabilitation Plan identified four (4) zones that required site specific erosion control and bank stability strategies. In general there were three (3) broadly defined remediation options. These options included Hard Structural options, Soft Structural options and combined hard & soft options.

A development application for proposed remediation works was submitted to Council and approval was granted to complete the following works:

  • The construction of 200 metres of Sea (Rock) Wall, to provide a native riparian vegetation buffer;
  • The construction of rock fillets to encourage estuarine (mangroves) regeneration;
  • The Installation of 70 metres of fencing to protect existing riparian vegetation; and
  • The planting of native trees and grass species to further protect and enhance the local environment.
Figure 1Figure 1 - Stuarts Point Caravan Park foreshore before rehabilitation works
Figure 2Figure 2 - Stuarts Point Caravan Park foreshore before rehabilitation works
Figure 3Figure 3 - After rehabilitation works

Rehabilitation Plan and related documents