Water Sharing Plan for the Macleay Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources

Water sharing plans

To preserve water resources in river and groundwater systems for the long term it is critical to balance the needs of water users and the environment.

Water sharing plans establish rules for sharing water between different types of water use such as town supply, rural domestic supply, stock watering, industry and irrigation and ensures that water is provided for the health of the system.

Water sharing plans have been developed for rivers and groundwater systems across New South Wales following the introduction of the Water Management Act 2000.

These plans provide water users with perpetual access licences, equitable conditions, and increased opportunities to trade water through separation of land and water.

Water sharing plans have a term of ten years. Prior to expiry of the ten year term of a water sharing plan, the plan is reviewed to determine whether it should be extended or replaced.

Extension refers to the extension of a plan for a further 10 years without change. Replacement is where changes to the existing plan are proposed.

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