Sustainable living tips

There are a number of ways to reduce your impact on the environment while at home, in the work place or during leisure time. The NSW Government’s Our environment it’s a living thing initiative provides a wealth of information on sustainable living tips. Please visit their site at 

Below are some of the ‘Easy guides’ available from the Our environment it's a living thing website that provide information to help you learn and practice environmentally sustainable ways to reduce our impact on the local and wider environments.

Cover of The Easy recycling guide

1. Recycling

Australians love to recycle. In fact, we are one of the best recycling nations in the world! But recycling can be tricky, this brochure offers some tips on how to make it a little easier.

Cover of The Easy guide to natural cleaning

2. Green Cleaning

Natural cleaning or "green cleaning" is a way to clean your home with fewer cleaning products and safer alternatives - producing less waste and reducing the need for harmful chemicals.

Cover of Easy composting guide

3. Composting

Composting is natural and inexpensive. It also reduces household waste dramatically.

This guide covers the four easy steps to great compost as well as the easy compost fix-it guide.

Cover of Easy worm farming guide

4. Worm Farming

Worm castings are great for feeding house plants, adding to seedling mixes and potting soils or top-dressing around plants. Follow the four easy steps to successful wormfarming.

The Marvel of Mulch

5. Mulching

Mulch is material that covers the soil to stop weed growth and promote healthy plants.

The Marvel of Mulch is a guide to successful mulching.