Water quality data

The Lower Macleay water quality-monitoring project has been implemented by Kempsey Shire Council to establish long term base-line data sets of key water quality parameters and to measure the effectiveness of operational and management changes. The intent of the project is to monitor water quality over several climatic and seasonal conditions to establish, and observe if any long-term water quality data trends or patterns will emerge. It is expected that as knowledge of the system dynamics is acquired more changes (i.e. the relocation of monitors) will be initiated through an adaptive management approach.

The key objective of the water quality-monitoring project is to improve the understanding of the floodplain aquatic ecosystem and how water quality responds to certain climatic events (i.e. floods) and modifications to infrastructure. Based on long-term water quality measurements and the interpretation of those observed trends, management options will be developed and refined to improve the general water quality within and exiting the floodplain.

To date ten (10) permanent and two (2) mobile telemetry water quality monitors are positioned at key locations within the floodplain. The project is receiving financial and technical support from Kempsey Shire Council and from the State Government under the Floodplain Management Program. Kempsey Shire Council with assistance from the Natural Heritage Trust and DLWC have engaged Manly Hydraulics to develop a web page to display Councils water quality and flood monitoring information.