Road open - Armidale Road

Media release - 10 January, 2021

One lane is now open on Armidale/Kempsey Road at Devils Nook.

An existing slip site on Armidale Road commenced producing rock as a result of recent rain and has subsequently slipped on Monday 4 January 2020.

The slip site is at Devils Nook, approximately 8.5km east of Bellbrook.

The slip commenced producing rock of various sizes, some large, that crossed the road. Due to the risk presented to the public, the road was closed at around 2pm on Monday 4 January. Eventually, the slip site produced a large amount of rock that covered the entire road.

Loosening the surface of the slip through waterbombing was successful and allowed crews to work throughout the weekend. Geotechnical engineers, specialist contractors and Council staff have worked tirelessly to successfully implement controls to enable safe passage of vehicles.

The controls utilised include an earthen bund wall, concrete barriers and shipping containers with fill material placed within.

The road now has one lane open under traffic lights. All general access vehicles previously permitted on this route can use this lane.

The site remains subject to change and could be closed in the event that staff or specialists raise concerns due to further wet weather or other factors.

Council urges all passing motorists to remain within their vehicle and move through the site within the signposted speed limit, do not enter the site on foot or enter beyond the barriers that are in place.

Opened lane on Armidale Road at Devils Nook
Landslip beside Armidale Road at Devils Nook