Asbestos awareness

Kempsey Shire Council encourages the safe disposal of household asbestos for its residents.

The Kempsey Waste Management Centre on Crescent Head Road offers a capped cost of $35 to dispose of up to 250kg of bonded asbestos. This facility is the only licensed facility in the Shire that can legally accept asbestos for special burial.

Asbestos is a danger to everyone. It must arrive for disposal:

  • wetted down to supress the dangerous dust fibres being released
  • double wrapped in thick builders plastic
  • clearly labelled “Danger Asbestos Hazard”
  • corners and edges of asbestos sheeting can be sharp, so folding cardboard around these points when packing can prevent plastic tearing

Learn more about the asbestos dangers in the home at 

Licensed asbestos assessors and removalists

In New South Wales:

  • Only Class A licensed removalists can work with the most dangerous is “friable asbestos” which crumbles to airborne dust easily, usually due to age or exposure to elements or fire
  • Class B licensed removalists are only allowed to dispose of non-friable ‘bonded’ asbestos

The following lists contain details of most licensed asbestos assessors and removalists within Kempsey Shire. Council does not make any specific recommendations and provides the information in good faith to make choosing a licensed professional to use easier for householders.

Licensed asbestos assessors

John Brady Building Pty Ltd
Licence number: AD210929
Ph: 6567 4058

Licenced asbestos removalists

John Brady Building Pty Ltd
Licence number: AD210929
Located in Kempsey
Ph: 6567 4058
Mob: 0427 674 058

Mid Coast Scaffolding Pty Ltd
Licence number: AD205798
Located in Gladstone
Ph: 6567 7512
Mob: 0408 655 900

Anthony Howard Lambert
Licence number: AD210586
Located in South West Rock
Ph: 6566 6658
Mob: 0412 694 129


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