Green bin
Fact sheet


Green bin for food and garden organics

The green lidded bin is a weekly organics collection for all food and garden waste. The contents of our green bins is taken to an organics recycling facility at Cairn cross, where it is turned into a compost that is available for schools and community groups or for sale in commercial and household volumes.

Helpful hints

  • use your free kitchen caddy and compostable bag system
  • freeze foods like meat and seafood until bin collection to reduce odours
  • shake off rocks and dirt before placing garden waste in the bin
  • bulky garden waste can be taken to a Council waste facility for a small fee
  • keep your bin in the shade

What can go in the green bin?

  • All food waste and scraps
  • meat, bones, seafood, prawn shells
  • fruit and vegetable peels
  • leftovers and plate scrapings
  • bread, dairy, citrus and onions
  • teabags, coffee grounds
  • shredded paper, paper towel and serviettes
  • garden waste: lawn clippings, small sticks, prunings and flowers
  • weeds (except Tropical Soda Apple)
  • small non-treated timber offcuts

What can't go in the green bin?

  • No plastic bags
  • No food packaging or recyclables
  • No plastic pots
  • No dirt, rocks or large amounts of soil
  • No large branches (over 400mm in diameter), stumps or building waste
  • No kitty litter, manure or animal waste