Keeping your bins fresh
Fact sheet


Preventing pests

  • keep all bins and kitchen caddy lid shut when not in use to minimise pest attraction or becoming fly-blown
  • spray insect surface spray or citronella oil on inside of caddy or bin lid if flies become an issue
  • empty your kitchen caddy frequently, every couple days, even if it is not full
  • all food waste should be tied up in a compostable liner and put in green bin carefully so it doesn't rip open
  • squeeze air out of compostable bags before placing them in the green bin
  • put your green bin out for collection every week, even if it is not full
  • alternate food scraps with layers of leaves or lawn clippings to reduce odours and attracting flies

Green bin for food and garden organics

  • line the green bin with newspaper, cardboard or lawn clippings before adding food scraps
  • allow grass clippings to dry if possible before placing them in the bin to prevent odour or weight issues
  • alternate food scraps with layers of leaves or lawn clippings to reduce odours and attracting flies
  • keep your bin in the shade

Kitchen caddy

  • drain soggy food scraps or line your caddy with paper towel or newspaper
  • use the Council-supplied compostable bags or wrap food waste up in newspaper
  • use 2 liners for meat, bones and unwanted wet pet food to minimise odour or leakage risk
  • place leftover meat, seafood and prawn shells in the freezer until closer to collection day

Yellow bin for recycling

  • only put empty containers, clean paper and flat cardboard in recycling bin
  • lids go in red bin
  • rinse recyclable food packaging, bottles and cans to reduce smells
  • line the bottom of your bin with newspaper to help absorb moisture and keep the bin clean
  • remember to put recycling loosely in the bin, never in a plastic bag or jammed into boxes

Red bin for rubbish

  • remember that all food and garden organics belong in the green bin, which is collected weekly
  • small amounts of pet waste can be buried around your garden. If you decide to place it in the red bin, bag or double bag it securely to prevent smells and flies being an issue

General bin tips

  • sort and separate food waste and recyclables to minimise rubbish that goes to landfill fortnightly
  • close bin lids completely to prevent flies and pests getting into your bins
  • keep bins out of direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated and shady location
  • rinse your bin after collection with a mild detergent or vinegar and water solution, as required
  • don't overfill your bin or place items on top of or around the bin as it may prevent collection
  • remember to put your bins out before 6:00am on collection day
  • keep a 50cm gap around each bin and ensure it is clear of overhead branches and parked cars
  • contact Council on 6566 3200 if your bin is stolen, damaged or broken