Problem wastes
Fact sheet


Problem wastes

Not all waste can be put in your kerbside bins.

Some items cause problems and can be dangerous to workers and our community.

Community Recycling Centres offer a free and easy solution for the disposal of household problem wastes.

This is the safest way to dispose of these problem wastes.

Many of these materials can be reused and recycled if processed correctly.


The Community Recycling Centre (CRC) is located at the Kempsey waste facility on Crescent Head Road.

The Mobile Community Recycling Centre (MCRC) collects waste from more than 15 townships within Kempsey Shire.

What is accepted free at the CRC and MCRC?

  • gas bottles
  • fire extinguishers
  • paint
  • fluoro globes and tubes
  • car and household batteries
  • motor and other oils
  • smoke detectors
  • polystyrene
  • electronic waste

Only household quantities 20kg or 20 litres are free for collection. Businesses are not eligible for free drop off at the CRC or MCRC.

e-Waste recycling

Electronic waste (e-Waste) is accepted free at all 4 waste facilities within Kempsey Shire.

e-Waste often contains toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

What can go in e-Waste?

  • TV and computer monitors
  • home entertainment systems (eg DVD, CD, MP3, HiFi)
  • game-consoles and accessories
  • laptops, PC and peripherals, tablets
  • mobile phones, charges and headsets
  • digital and video cameras
  • printers/fax/scanners

What can't go in e-Waste?

  • No broken televisions/screens
  • No products contaminated with dirt/mud
  • No power tools
  • No appliances/microwaves


  • asbestos is a danger to everyone and requires special handling
  • it must be double wrapped in thick builders plastic and clearly labelled "Danger Asbestos Hazard"
  • Kempsey's Waste Management Centre on Crescent Head Road is the only licensed facility to accept asbestos for special burial
  • Kempsey Shire residents receive a discount to help safely dispose of properly wrapped asbestos sent to landfill, up to 250kg
  • call 6562 2042 for more information or to schedule your disposal time
  • More information about asbestos


  • a free national product stewardship recycling program for all mobile phones and accessories
  • collection points located at key Council sites and all waste facilities


  • a free recycling program for used containers from crop production and on-farm animal health chemicals
  • eligible non-returnable, metal and plastic containers are cleaned of residue by farmers and delivered to the Kempsey waste Facility
  • call 6562 2042 for more information or to schedule your disposal time


  • a not-for-profit chemical collection and disposal service for unwanted and unknown agvet chemicals
  • call 1800 008 182 or go to  to register your unwanted chemicals and find out when the next scheduled collection is happening locally