Red bin
Fact sheet


Red bin for rubbish

The red lidded bin is a fortnightly collection for household rubbish that cannot be recycled or composted. Think of your red bin as the last resort. Can you sell, give away or donate anything instead of throwing it away?

. The contents of your red bin are sent to Council's landfill site. Landfill disposal is the most expensive disposal option compared to composting or recycling.

Helpful hints

  • do not place items beside or on top of bin
  • don't jam rubbish in the bin as it may get stuck
  • do not overload your bin, maximum weight is 60kg
  • keep bin in shade if odours become an issue
  • number your bin to protect against loss or theft

What can go in the red bin?

  • household general waste
  • plastic bags
  • non-recyclable items
  • nappies
  • pet waste, kitty litter
  • light globes, mirrors, ceramics, cookware, drinking glasses

What can't go in the red bin?

  • No bricks, heavy timber or steel
  • No paint, chemicals, liquids or motor oil
  • No garden waste
  • No medical waste or syringes

Household problem wastes and hazardous materials require special disposal.