Kempsey Waste Management Centre (WMC)
Environment Protection Licence data

Kempsey Shire Council is required under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act to regularly conduct surface and ground water monitoring at our EPA licensed landfill site on Crescent Head Road. These test results are reported to the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority of NSW) and are now publicly available on this website.

Council uses Environment Resources Management Australia (ERM) as environmental specialists to independently conduct testing, present findings and provide best-practice advice.

Kempsey Shire Council publicly reports:

  • Quarterly testing for surface water
  • Groundwater monitoring every six months
  • Quarterly methane air pollution monitoring

Monitoring data

Monitoring locations

Figure 2.5 - Kempsey Lanfill Monitoring Locations

Kempsey Waste Management Centre monitoring locations
Monitoring location Easting Northing
S7 -31.131322 152.876413
S6 -31.134111 152.87643
S5 -31.132583 152.87599
S4 -31.128672 152.875679
L8 -31.130458 152.875974
BH4 -31.130592 152.876076
BH3 -31.128844 152.876542
BH2 -31.131933 152.876413
BH1 -31.129997 152.880458
BH01-2 -31.131477 152.877095