two people sitting at a campsite on a farm

Agritourism is a type of travel which connects people to product or produce, delivered on farming land through a direct “on farm” experience.

These farm experiences are made up of four essential elements:

  1. Combining tourism and agriculture into product or service
  2. The product or service attracts members of the public to visit your farm
  3. Farmers diversify from agriculture into tourism, increasing farm income and/or employment
  4. Provides recreation, entertainment and or educational experiences related to the agriculture enterprise

Examples of Agritourism

Here are just some examples of Agritourism:

  • Farm tours and demonstrations
  • Caravan sites, glamping or camping
  • On farm cafes and restaurants
  • On farm retail outlets
  • On farm events such as weddings and conferences 
  • Farm to Fork cooking classes
  • Pick your own produce
  • Indigenous cultural experiences
  • Educational experiences
  • Behind the scenes tours

Below are some resources to assist you through the planning and development of agritourism experiences:

Agritourism - NSW Department of Planning

The Australian Regional Tourism Toolkits for Farmers

5 things you can do on your farm

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