Live stream of Council meetings

Public Forums and Council Meetings are live streamed. This means that, if you prefer, you can watch each meeting online as it happens instead of attending in person.

Public Forums and Council Meetings can be accessed in real time on the Kempsey Shire Council YouTube channel.

You can also view previous Public Forums and Council Meetings at Kempsey Shire Council Meetings

To view recordings of Council meetings held before 2021, or the corresponding minutes and agendas, please visit the Council meetings archive page.


Under Council’s Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 354KB) a recording of each Council meeting must be published on the Kempsey Shire Council website and retained for 12 months. To access recordings, go to Live stream of Council Meetings.

Please note that under Council’s Code of Meeting Practice a person must not live-stream or use an audio recorder, video camera, mobile phone or any other device to make a recording of the proceedings of a meeting of Council or a committee of Council without the prior authorisation of Council or the committee.