Apply for permits

A permit is required for a number of activities in Kempsey Shire. 

Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 2MB) lists permit fees for the current financial year. 

Council-issued permits and approvals

Amusement rides and devices

Approval to operate an amusement device(PDF, 404KB)

Banner pole

Use of banner poles application(PDF, 220KB)

Beach driving permit (amateur)

Application for motor vehicle permit - amateur(PDF, 76KB)

Beach driving permit (professional)

Application for motor vehicle permit - professional(PDF, 52KB)

Beauty and skin penetration

Registration for Hairdresser and Skin Penetration(PDF, 66KB)


Busking application form(PDF, 425KB)

Consumption of alcohol on public reserve

Consumption of alcohol on public reserve application(PDF, 64KB)

Event on Council-managed land

Events management application form(PDF, 307KB)


Filming and photography application form(PDF, 447KB)

Outdoor dining

Use the NSW Planning Portal to apply for consent under section 125 of the Roads Act 1993.

Public gate permit

Approval, inspection and maintenance of public gates and bypass (grids)(PDF, 1MB)


Approval to erect signboards on council property(PDF, 518KB) 

Street stalls and raffles

Street stall and raffle ticket sales application(PDF, 79KB)

Surf schools

Surf school licence application form(PDF, 703KB)

Tree removal permit

Application for permission to clear vegetation

(PDF, 43KB)

Please contact us if you have any questions about permits and approvals.

Non-Council permits

Alcohol licensing

A liquor licence is required to sell alcohol. To see the different licence types and apply for your licence, go to Liquor and Gaming NSW.

Animal permit

A permit is required to keep:

  • a cat over four months of age that is not desexed
  • a declared dangerous dog
  • a restricted dog by breed.

You can obtain a permit from the NSW Pet Registry.

Fire permit

Fire permits are available free of charge from the Rural Fire Service.