How to read your rates notice & water meter

Page 1 of your rates notice


  1. Assessment Number – Quote this unique reference number when making an enquiry
  2. Valuation Base Date – Date of the NSW Valuer-General’s land valuation of your property
  3. Interest Rate – Interest rate charged on overdue amounts 
  4. Property Description – Address, lot and DP of your property
  5. Particulars of Rates and Charges – List of charges that make up the total amount you owe
  6. Arrears – Amount owing from the previous period
  7. Residential – The rating category of your property, such as residential or business
  8. Environmental Levy – Levy that helps Council manage and preserve the environment
  9. Water Access Residential 20mm – Access charge, based on the size of your water meter
  10. Sewer Access Connect Residential – Sewer access charge
  11. Waste Standard Service – Type of weekly waste service Council provides at your property
  12. Stormwater Charge – Levy that helps Council manage stormwater systems
  13. Water Usage – Charge based on how many kilolitres of water you have used
  14. Rateable Value – Land value of the property, set by the NSW Valuer-General
  15. Unit Rate – Base rate, expressed in cents
  16. 1st to 4th Instalment details – Amounts and due dates if you choose to pay in four instalments across the year
  17. Payment Details – BPAY and Australia Post Billpay reference numbers
  18. 1st Instalment Payment – First due date and amount if you are paying in four instalments
  19. Full Payment – Amount and due date if you choose to pay in one lump sum 

See the back of your rates notice for general rates information and payment options.

Page 3 of your rates notice


  1. Meter number – Unique identifying number of your water meter
  2. Usage – Number of kilolitres of water you have used
  3. YTD usage – Number of kilolitres of water used so far this year
  4. Est Read – Whether the meter read was an estimate (Yes/No) because the meter was inaccessible
  5. Total – Charge for how many kilolitres of water you have used during the billing period. This also appears on the front of the notice.

How to read your water meter

How to Read Your Water Meter fact sheet(PDF, 755KB)