Animals & pets

Kempsey Shire Council is available to advise you on pet registration, responsible dog and cat ownership, and the control of dogs in public spaces. Council rangers work to ensure that the Companion Animals Act 1998 (NSW) and other laws are implemented in our shire so that residents and animals can co-exist safely and harmoniously.

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Pet owner responsibilities

For the comfort, safety and health of the community and animals, pet owners have the following responsibilities:

  • Register and microchip your dog or cat and update your contact details whenever you move.
  • When in a public place, ensure your dog is wearing a collar with a tag attached that shows the dog’s name and your address or phone number.
  • When in a public place, ensure your dog is under the control of a competent person by means of an adequate leash, chain or cord.
  • When you are in an off-leash or leash-free area, maintain effective control of your dog at all times. 
  • Collect and correctly dispose of dog faeces in all public places.
  • Ensure your dog not does not enter prohibited areas such as children’s play areas, food preparation and consumption areas, school grounds, childcare centres and wildlife protection areas.
  • Cats must stay out of restricted areas such as food preparation zones.

Council also recommends desexing of companion animals. If you provide proof that your pet is desexed, you will pay a reduced registration fee.