Local government elections

Election results 2021

The election results for Kempsey Shire are available from the NSW Electoral Commission.

On 21 December 2021, Leo Hauville was announced as the next Mayor of Kempsey Shire.

View the Declaration of Mayor here(PDF, 180KB)

On 23 December 2021, the following candidates were declared elected as Councillors:

  • Simon Fergusson
  • Liz Campbell
  • V Craigie 
  • Arthur Bain
  • Alexandra Wyatt
  • Joshua Freeman 
  • Kerri Riddington
  • Anthony Patterson.

View the Declaration of Councillors here(PDF, 329KB)

Supreme Court review of Councillor election

Kempsey Shire Council is seeking legal advice to prepare for a Supreme Court hearing after the NSW Electoral Commission sought to have the recent Councillor election declared void. More information.

When was the election?

In New South Wales, local government elections (or Council elections) are normally held every four years. At these elections, you have the opportunity to vote for local candidates to become Councillors. The elected Councillors then normally serve Kempsey Shire Council for a four-year term.

The last election was held on Saturday 4 December 2021. In 2020, the NSW Government postponed the election for a year, to September 2021, due to COVID-19. In July, the NSW Government further postponed the election from September to December 2021.

In New South Wales, the current Councillors and popularly elected Mayors held their civic offices until the 4 December election date.

The postponement meant the existing Councillors held their roles for a term of slightly longer than five years. This will not affect the timing of future Council elections, and the subsequent ordinary local government elections will still proceed in September 2024, meaning incoming Councillors will hold office for a term of slightly less than three years.

Becoming a Councillor

Kempsey Shire Council’s Mayor and eight Councillors are elected by their local community. 

As democratically elected representatives, Councillors work together to make decisions about what Council will do to meet community needs and how to spend money in the best interests of the shire - see How Council works.

If you are passionate about your local community then you already have what it takes to become a Councillor. Being a Councillor is a rewarding opportunity to: 

  • make well-informed decisions in the interests of your local community 
  • influence the long-term vision and direction of your community 
  • facilitate communication between Council and community members
  • work with diverse and passionate people on a range of issues 
  • uphold and represent the policies and decisions of Council
  • learn new skills, such as public speaking and advocacy

The NSW Office of Local Government has resources on becoming a Councillor.

Past election results

Past election results are available on the NSW Electoral Commission’s website.