Kempsey Regional Saleyards

Kempsey Regional Saleyards, located on Saleyards Road, West Kempsey, is owned by Council.

Council leases the facility to Kempsey Stock and Land, which maintains and operates the saleyards.

The saleyards provide an opportunity for buyers and sellers from across the region and throughout New South Wales to generate income and undertake herd development activities. These sales also support the wholesale and retail sectors of Kempsey Shire and provide broad economic and social benefits. Read more about local Agribusiness.

Infrastructure upgrade

Council has been granted funding to upgrade the Kempsey Regional Saleyards, beginning in May 2022. For details, see Kempsey Regional Saleyards infrastructure upgrade.


The facility contains a number of features that have supported a steady growth in throughput, including:

  • location close to town and easy access to the Pacific Highway
  • a ring selling system for stock, creating the opportunity for pre-sale viewing and weighing
  • a covered selling ring, providing shelter to buyers, sellers and stock
  • holding paddocks for after-sale use, before stock are transported
  • quality assurance accreditation.