Pest animals

Like other parts of Australia, the Macleay Valley has many introduced animals that have become pests.

Pest animals found in Kempsey Shire include wild dogs, foxes, rabbits, deer, feral cats and common myna birds. These pest animals cause problems by:

  • preying on livestock and native animals
  • competing with native species for food and habitat
  • damaging crops and farm infrastructure such as fences
  • increasing grazing pressure on pastures
  • spreading diseases to people and animals.

For these reasons, pest animals present a significant threat to our environment, economy and community health and well-being.

Kempsey Shire Council partners with government agencies, community groups, land owners and residents to manage the impacts of these species.

Your role in managing pest animals

Under the Biosecurity Act 2015, government, industry and the community have a duty to work together to reduce the negative impacts of pest animals in New South Wales.

If you are a land manager, you need to:

  • know about your biosecurity risks 
  • know what action should be taken to manage these risks 
  • take effective action to manage the risks relevant to you.

The North Coast Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan(PDF, 3MB) provides information on how you can meet your obligations under the Act, as well as general guidance about local pest animal management. 

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