Kempsey Waste Management Centre: Pollution monitoring data

Council publishes pollution monitoring data for certain sites to meet NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requirements.

The data below is for Kempsey Shire Council's Waste Management Centre (WMC).

Premises: Kempsey Waste Management Centre on Crescent Head Road
Licensee: Kempsey Shire Council
Licence number: 6269
Reporting frequency: Quarterly

Pollution monitoring data

The most recent data is contained in the PDF documents below.

Annual Report 22-23(PDF, 11MB)

Q1 February 2022(PDF, 249KB)

Q2 April 2022(PDF, 164KB)

Q3 October 2021(PDF, 158KB)

These documents may not meet your accessibility requirements. For an accessible copy, please email 

Historic data

For data from previous reporting periods please see the archived licence data

Monitoring locations

Kempsey Waste Management Centre monitoring locations - arial photograph with points identified

Figure 2.5 - Kempsey Landfill Monitoring Locations (higher resolution)(PDF, 2MB)


Monitoring location  Easting Northing
S7 -31.131322  152.876413 
S6 -31.134111 152.87643
S5 -31.132583 152.87599
S4 -31.128672 152.875679
L8 -31.130458 152.875974
BH4 -31.130592 152.876076
BH3 -31.128844 152.876542
BH2 -31.131933 152.876413
BH1 -31.129997 152.880458
BH01-2 -31.131477 152.877095