Macleay Valley Coast Holiday Parks

Cabins - Crescent Head Holiday Park

As the appointed Crown land manager, Kempsey Shire Council is responsible for land and infrastructure management of the five unique coastal holiday parks at:

  • Grassy Head Holiday Park
  • Stuarts Point Holiday Park
  • Horseshoe Bay Holiday Park (South West Rocks)
  • Hat Head Holiday Park, and
  • Crescent Head Holiday Park.

Day-to-day holiday park operations are managed by Australian Tourist Park Management, otherwise known as NRMA Parks and Resorts, under a management agreement with Council.

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Key publications

The key publications associated with the holiday parks are:

  1. Annual Licence Site Management Strategy(PDF, 4MB)
  2. Annual Licence Site Management Policy(PDF, 90KB)
  3. Annual Licence Site Transition Plan(PDF, 13MB)
  4. Grassy Head Holiday Park Concept Plan(PDF, 2MB)
  5. Stuarts Point Holiday Park Concept Plan(PDF, 3MB)
  6. Hat Head Holiday Park Concept Plan(PDF, 2MB)
  7. Horseshoe Bay Holiday Park Concept Plan (Alternative)(PDF, 3MB)
  8. Crescent Head Holiday Park Concept Plan (Alternative)(PDF, 2MB)
  9. Minutes of ordinary Council meeting, 17 December 2019
  10. Letter to all annual licence holders, dated 5 March 2021(PDF, 362KB)
  11. Minutes of ordinary Council meeting, 20 April 2021
  12. MVCHP Future Park Development Engagement Report(PDF, 7MB)
  13. Social and Economic Impact of Annuals Review Report(PDF, 3MB)
  14. Letter to all annual licence holders, dated 11 May 2021(PDF, 566KB)

Annual Compliance Inspection

Under Council's Annual Licence Site Management Policy, private caravans and associated structures on annual licence sites are subject to an annual compliance inspection, which carries an associated fee.

The purpose of this compliance inspection is to assess the installation of the caravan and associated structures against the relevant compliance sections of the Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2021, which took effect on 1 September 2021.  

On 21 September 2021, an initial compliance inspection was conducted by an external consultant to assess the compliance status of caravans and associated structures on eight annual licence sites that have approval to sell.

As a result of the compliance inspection, compliance issues were placed into groups:

  • extreme/high risk, or
  • medium/low risk.

A timeframe was allocated to rectify extreme/high risk compliance issues, which have to be completed before sale. (Alternatively, the purchaser may accept the responsibility to fix the compliance issues as part of negotiations with the seller, which must be acknowledged in writing to Council).

The initial timeframe communicated to annual licence holders in the Notice of Compliance Inspection Letter was three months to rectify extreme/high risks. In the Compliance Inspection Outcome Letters sent to these licence holders this was extended to six months. This extension was given because of the time it would take to rectify compliance issues such as structural certificates and compliance plates.

Compliance inspections of each holiday park for all other annual licence sites are proposed to be conducted over the next three to six months.

A Compliance Inspection Fee of $150 is being charged to annual licence holders to offset some but not all of the expert consultant’s cost.

The benefits of these inspections are as follows:

  • improvement to public health and safety
  • improvement in the protection of holiday park assets (both public and private)
  • consistent approach to caravan and associated structure installations
  • support for holiday park operations and the peaceful shared enjoyment by all users.

It is acknowledged that many non-compliances issues may have existed for long periods of time. However, the continuation of these risks is no longer acceptable under NSW law, and Council’s approach to the rectification of compliance issues has been based on the following risk assessment methodology.

If the occupant does not rectify the extreme/high risk non-compliance issues within the six month period, Council may issue the occupant with a Notice of Termination under the terms of the Occupancy Agreement.

Where the occupant has Council approval to sell the caravan and associated structure on an annual licence site, all extreme/high risk non-compliance issues must be rectified before any financial transaction of sale. If the purchaser accepts the responsibility to rectify the extreme/high risk non-compliance issues, then this acceptance must be provided to Council, in writing, acknowledging that they have read and understood the requirements of this Compliance Inspection Outcome letter.

Compliance sections of the regulation that have been identified as medium/low risks must be rectified over the short term (three years). Rectification of medium/low risks will be monitored through future annual compliance inspections.

If you have any questions or need clarification of any non-compliance issues, please send an email to (attention of the Coordinator Commercial Assets) or phone (02) 6566 3200.

Annual Licence Site Management Strategy Transition Plan

The Annual Licence Site Management Strategy Transition Plan is now available Annual Licence and Concept Plans project page. 

You can also read or download other relevant documents from this page.

At its ordinary meeting on 20 April 2021, Council resolved to adopt the Annual Licence Site Management Strategy and 10-year Concept Plans for the holiday parks.

The Transition Plan has been developed to help annual licence holders understand the nominated timeframes for when annual licence sites will cease at the affected holiday parks and when to expect correspondence from Council.

As detailed in the strategy document and Transition Plan, the Annual Licence Site Management Strategy (including the 10-year Concept Plans and park rules) will be reviewed at the end of each rationalisation period. The review process will account for changes in market conditions, business practices and legislation.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a paper copy of the Transition Plan, please contact Council's Coordinator Commercial Assets on (02) 6566 3200 or email