Your cemetery questions answered

Making decisions about burials and the placement of ashes can be confusing. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers about Council cemeteries.


How do I make a reservation at a cemetery?

Contact Council to confirm the availability of a grave or allotment at your preferred cemetery. Council will also let you know about any special conditions or restrictions at the site.

To reserve a site, you will be required to purchase a Perpetual Interment Right. You must complete an Application for a Perpetual Interment Right(PDF, 114KB)

How do I transfer an interment right to someone else?

The holder of an interment right decides who can be buried in a particular grave or allotment. 

To transfer an interment right to someone else, you must complete a Transfer of a Perpetual Interment Right by Holder form(PDF, 117KB)

How do I organise a headstone or memorial?

Headstones or memorials are installed by a stonemason and require Council approval. Together with the mason you have selected, you must complete an Application to Carry Out Work in Cemeteries(PDF, 94KB)

What fees are charged for Council cemeteries?

Generally, your funeral director’s fees will include cemetery costs.

For a full list of cemetery fees and charges, see Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 2MB)

How do I arrange a funeral in Kempsey Shire?

Please contact a local funeral director, who will make arrangements with the cemetery or crematorium for the burial or placement of ashes.

Your funeral director will also obtain any Council permits that are required.

Can I arrange a home burial?

Yes, provided you meet certain criteria. Council will also need to inspect the site.

Please complete a Home Burial Application(PDF, 103KB)

Do I need permission to scatter ashes?

It is possible to scatter ashes if you do not wish to place them in a columbarium or niche wall at a cemetery.

If you would like to scatter ashes in a Kempsey Shire Council cemetery, you must write to Council and seek permission prior to undertaking.

There will be no fee for scattering of ashes.

Permission must also be sought and granted from Council for scattering of ashes on any public land.

For the scattering of ashes on private land, permission must be obtained from the property owner. 


Can I keep the ashes of a cremated person if I want to?

Yes, there is no requirement to place ashes in a Council cemetery.

Can anyone place a plaque at a grave?

No. The interment right holder is the only person who can make memorial arrangements. Otherwise, he or she can give written permission for someone else to make those arrangements.

Is Council responsible for maintaining memorials or headstones?

No, Council is not responsible for the condition or theft of memorials after their placement.

Where can I find more information about cemeteries?

Read our Fees, forms and factsheets page or phone Council Customer Service on 6566 3200.