The role of Council Rangers

Our Council has a team of four Rangers who do a wide variety of work.

Rangers have a difficult job to carry out over a vast area, from managing the Council pound, investigating dog attacks, impounding livestock and investigating dumped rubbish, to compliance activities around parking, camping and beach permits.

The work Rangers do is broader than any individual person in the community will see, given their essential role in public safety, investigating complaints and enforcing regulations throughout the entire Kempsey Shire. 


Ranger with puppy

What do our Rangers do?

- Investigating dog attacks

- Seizing and handling dangerous dogs

- Collecting lost and roaming dogs if possible

- Dealing with barking dogs

- Responding to nuisance cats

- Transporting shelter animals to vets

- Medical welfare of all impounded animals

- Feeding and exercising all animals

- Cleaning the pound

- Promoting responsible pet ownership

- Impounding and handling livestock

- Overgrown vegetation complaints 

- Investigating dumped rubbish

- Tagging rubbish for collection

- Impounding abandoned vehicles

- School zone parking concerns

- Issuing Parking Infringements

- Illegal camping complaints

- Beach permit compliance

- Miscellaneous customer complaints 

Rangers are unable to attend to animal cruelty or neglect complaints. Police, RSPCA and Animal Welfare League inspectors are the only officers with those legislative powers.

To make an animal cruelty complaint, contact:

NSW Animal Welfare League