Waste & recycling centres

Kempsey Shire Council operates four waste and recycling centres, where you can use your free waste vouchers to dispose of unwanted items.

The Kempsey Waste Management Centre on Crescent Head Road takes household, commercial, industrial, building and demolition waste

The three waste transfer stations at South West Rocks, Stuarts Point and Bellbrook take household waste (including materials which can be recycled) only.

You can view the locations and opening hours of your nearest centre below.

For fees, read Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges(PDF, 2MB)


The Mobile Community Recycling Centre is no longer in operation. The trailers last visit was September 27 2022.

Residents can continue to recycle their problem household wastes such as oils, e-waste and batteries for free at their local waste facility. To check what you can drop off for free please visit www.ksc.pub/recycle


Where are they and when are they open?

See the waste & recycling centre opening hours and locations page by clicking this link

 What can I drop off for free?

Council offers many free services to our community for recycling and safe disposal of household problem waste, saving valuable landfill space. Many materials can be reused and recycled if processed correctly.

Free at the Kempsey Waste Management Centre and the three transfer stations throughout the shire

* cannot be dropped off at Bellbrook Waste Transfer Centre

  • lead acid batteries and dry cell single use or rechargeable batteries *
  • e-waste, including TVs, DVDs, VCRs, CDs, hi-fis, game consoles and accessories, MP3 players, laptops, PCs and peripherals, tablets, digital cameras, video cameras, computer monitors, printers and scanners
  • gas bottles and fire extinguishers (under 25L capacity) * 
  • household paint * 
  • metal, including items with high metal content like whitegoods, electrical cords, car parts and wire
  • mobile phones, including chargers and headsets * 
  • oil (keep motor, hydraulic and transmission oils separate from cooking oils) * 
  • paper and cardboard
  • polystyrene, such as bean bag fill, packing material, produce boxes, fruit and vegetable packing trays
  • printer cartridges * 
  • radioactive smoke alarms *
  • recyclable containers like cans, bottles, jars and cartons
  • fluorescent lighting such as mercury-containing globes or tubes * 

Free services at the Kempsey Waste Management Centre only

  • drumMUSTER recycling 
  • household chemical safe disposal
  • soft plastics recycling, like clean plastic bags and silage wrap
  • needles and syringes disposal


  • Commercial loads are accepted at the Kempsey Waste Management Centre only, not at the three waste transfer stations.
  • Pre-sorting your rubbish before arriving at a waste facility can significantly reduce your disposal charges, since many recyclables and problem wastes are taken free of charge.
  • Asbestos poses a real concern to community health and must be dealt with properly through the Kempsey Waste Management Centre - see Construction waste.


How do I get free waste vouchers?

To help you dispose of household waste, Council has a free waste voucher program for all properties with a domestic waste service.

Two vouchers are sent out with your annual rates notice and are valid for a year. 

Terms and conditions

Each voucher allows free disposal of general household and green waste up to a maximum quantity of a heaped 6 x 4 trailer (<1.0m³).

Please keep your vouchers in a safe place, as they cannot be reissued.

Are you a landlord or managing agent? Council asks you to pass the vouchers on to your valued tenants so they can better manage their household waste and keep properties in good order.

Where to use your free vouchers

Waste vouchers can be used at the Kempsey Waste Management Centre or the waste transfer stations at South West Rocks, Stuarts Point and Bellbrook.

Learn about Return and Earn

Return and Earn is a container deposit scheme designed to reduce litter across New South Wales. You can earn 10 cents for every eligible container you take to an approved collection point.

Return and Earn is an initiative of the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

How does Return and Earn work?

  1. Collect your eligible bottles and cans.
  2. Take your containers to a return point.
  3. Earn a refund of 10 cents for each container.

Which containers are eligible?

You can get a refund for most containers between 150 millilitres and 3 litres. Eligible containers include:

  • cans
  • bottles
  • cartons
  • juice boxes or poppers

Containers should be empty, have the label attached and be intact (not crushed).

You can’t get a refund for containers not included in the scheme, such as:

  • milk containers
  • juice containers over 1 litre
  • glass wine bottles
  • glass spirit bottles
  • cordial bottles

These should be put in your yellow bin for recycling.

Where are the return points near me?

In Kempsey Shire, there are return vending machines at:

  • 10 Stuart Street, Kempsey
  • Kempsey Golf Club, 330 Macleay Valley Way, Kempsey
  • Corner of Gregory Street and Spencers Creek Road, South West Rocks.

You can search for return points at www.returnandearn.org.au . Enter your town or suburb into the search box to find collection points near you.

Can I still use my yellow bin?

You can still put containers in your yellow bin for recycling. You will not be eligible for a refund for any containers you put in your yellow bin.

Where can I find more information?

Visit the Return and Earn website.