Kempsey Shire has a diverse range of plant species and vegetation communities, ranging from coastal heathland to subtropical, warm temperate and cool temperate rainforests.

The major vegetation communities in our region are:

  • subtropical, warm temperate and cool temperate rainforest
  • wet and dry sclerophyll forest
  • swamp forest
  • woodland, including Melaleuca, Eucalypt and Casuarina spp
  • scrubland, including Banksia and Leptospermum spp
  • grassland (native and modified) and pasture
  • wetland, aquatic and marine, including saltmarshes, rushlands, mangroves and seagrass
  • dunal communities, such as littoral rainforest
  • wet and dry heathland
  • riparian vegetation.

For more information about local plant species, search the NSW BioNet Atlas.