Register a skin penetration business

If you're starting a business that involves skin penetration, you'll need to register with Council.

You can now register your business online using Council’s Applicant Portal.

Businesses that must register

You will need to register if you wish to operate any of the following business types:

  • hairdresser
  • ear or body piercing
  • bleaching or colouring
  • beauty therapy
  • cosmetic beauty therapy
  • electrolysis
  • blood testing
  • hair removal
  • tattooing
  • colonic lavage
  • acupuncture.

How to apply

You can register your business using Council’s Applicant Portal below. Please select First Time User Registration and create a username and password for the portal.

Register a skin penetration business

You can also use the Applicant Portal to change your details with Council. If you have any difficulties using the Applicant Portal, please phone Council Customer Service on 6566 3200 or email


It is free to register your business with Council, although Council inspection fees may apply depending on the type of activity you intend to conduct.

Inspection requirements

Your skin penetration premises will need to be inspected by Council’s Environmental Health Officers. Once you have applied for registration, Council will contact you to arrange this.

Skin penetration business requirements

As the operator of a skin penetration business, you must follow the requirements of the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW). See Skin penetration industry on the NSW Health website for the legal requirements and links to factsheets and educational resources.