Water restrictions

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Effective Friday 9 February 2024 water restrictions are no longer in place across Kempsey Shire.

Level 1 water restrictions came into force across the Kempsey Shire as of Monday 16 October 2023 due to the impact of continued dry weather. 

Residents and visitors to Kempsey have been praised and thanked for their vigilance in saving water as water restrictions are lifted after four months.

On the back of continued rainfall across the Macleay, Kempsey Shire Council will end water restrictions effective Friday 9 February 2024.

Water restrictions overview

For information on water restriction levels 1 to 4 and emergency water restrictions, refer to the overviews below:

Residential Level 1 Water Restrictions

For information on water restrictions for residential households, see our Residential Water Restrictions Overview 2023(PDF, 601KB)

Level 1

  • Residents can water outside using hand-held hoses, for one hour every second day, between 4pm and 9am only. 
  • Micro-spray water systems may only be used for 15 minutes as part of the one-hour allocation. 
  • Houses with an even number can water on the even days of the month, while houses with odd numbers water on the odd days of the month. 
  • There is no watering at all on the 31st day of any month. This includes topping up home pools.
  • Sprinklers and fixed unattended hoses are banned.
  • No hosing of windows, houses, roofs, gutters, driveways and paved areas.

Commercial Level 1 Water Restrictions

For information on water restrictions for businesses, see our Commercial Water Restrictions Overview 2023(PDF, 6MB)

Water Restriction Exemption Permit

To apply for a Water Restriction Exemption Permit, download and complete the Water Restriction Exemption Permit Form 2023(PDF, 893KB)


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