Local volunteers at Friends of Kempsey Pound save over 110 local dogs

Published on 02 December 2022


More than 110 local dogs wagged happily and healthily away from Steele Park on Tuesday after visiting the wonderful volunteers at Friends of Kempsey Pound for a free parvovirus vaccination and mange protection tablet.

The event on Tuesday 29 November, the first of many, invited owners to bring their beloved dogs to the pop-up treatment day to receive protection from the deadly parvovirus and mange free of charge.

Together, RSPCA Port Macquarie as well as generous community members donated a total $5,000 to the cause to help purchase Parvac and Nexgard, making the important and lifesaving event possible.

Marion Crowley, Friends of Kempsey Pound President said the organisation is stoked with the success of the event.

"We had just over 110 dogs vaccinated for parvovirus as well as flea, tick and worming provided," said Marion.

"It was fantastic to protect as many dogs as we did from parvo in just one day. It's important to note that owners should visit their local vet to vaccinate their dogs for other diseases like hepatitis and distemper. If your dog has received the C3 or C5 vaccination from their vet, this also includes protection against parvo."

Council and Friends of Kempsey Pound have seen an increase in dogs with parvovirus and mange coming into their care. As both conditions are contagious yet preventable, this prompted Friends of Kempsey Pound to host the event in an effort to protect dogs from potentially fatal diseases.

Friends of Kempsey Pound will host another free treatment day at West Kempsey as soon as resources such as volunteers and funding can be secured. 

The charity is always looking for volunteers to help out, whether it be at events like this, fostering animals or visiting and exercising dogs in Council's care. If you're interested in volunteering or want to take your dog to the next treatment day, join the Friends of Kempsey Pound group on Facebook.